Our Vision

The Ibbamo Foundation inspires and equips South Africa’s young learners to become the next generation of economically successful and socially accountable leaders.

Our Mission

The Ibbamo Foundation intends to produce a new breed of educated, socially responsible South African leaders, through:

  • Community upliftment programmes
  • Education related programmes
  • Entrepreneurship related programmes

The aim is to develop young South Africans into legendary leaders who will have a positive impact on their communities. This will enable them to free themselves from the societal ills that plague them.

Our Values

The Ibbamo Foundation strongly believes in the four values listed below:

  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Discipline: personal, professional and social discipline
  • Innovation


Ibbamo Foundation

The foundation was formed in 2009 by Dr. James Makamba, who was inspired by the historical presidential election of Barack Obama and the particular role that quality education played in the Obama couple’s life.

The Future


of Africa is


in our Hands

Dr. Makamba is an entrepreneur who was born and raised in Zimbabwe in southern Africa. He was driven to establish a foundation to give young people access to quality education and so build a strong foundation for their future.

The foundation inspires and empowers young learners between the ages of 14 and 18 years, providing a balanced framework for self-development that will increase their self-esteem and leadership capabilities, as well as enhance their capacity to achieve in whatever context they find themselves in.

The Ibbamo Foundation develops and supports targeted programmes for young people who are committed to building a better South Africa. At the core of these programmes is a multi-dimensional approach to youth development: we focus on education as the common point of departure while addressing a basket of youth-related issues.

The foundation’s programmes are centred around four strategic pillars, namely:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Social Responsibility
  • Entrepreneurship

Ibbamo is committed to ensuring that South Africa’s young people are challenged to look beyond their existing barriers and set ambitious yet attainable goals.

We believe in challenging our young people to create the reality that they deserve.


The Ibbamo Foundation’s programmes are poised to nurture and fast-track young learners so that they become socially conscious and economically astute young leaders. Ibbamo’s strategic intent is to develop and empower young South African children through our Ibbamo Leadership and Skills Development Programmes as well as support initiatives that encompass our four strategic pillars

Strategic Pillars

  • Academic Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Social Responsibility
  • Entrepreneurship

The Ibbamo Foundation identifies, educates, motivates and mentors exceptional young people to become future leaders in any field they aspire to be in. These young people will be poised to transform the economic and societal fabric of South Africa.

We Always Try to Create a Difference

The development and up-skilling of these leaders will give them the opportunity to find and create employment, achieve sustainable livelihoods, improve social conditions and alleviate poverty through wealth creation.
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