The “I AM JUNE 16” programme is an annual opportunity for young people to drive change within their schools by encouraging their entire community, teachers, parents and learners to participate in building a much-needed facility for their schools.

The Ibbamo Foundation, in partnership with the Department of Education and the private sector, will facilitate the building of 100 libraries across the nation.


The purpose of the programme is to create initiatives that will engender civic awareness among young people and ensure that they evolve into socially responsible citizens.

The focus will be on underdeveloped peripheral schools that have no libraries. The selection criteria for the participating schools will be determined by Ibbamo and the Department of Education.


Building of 100 libraries in all nine provinces

The facility to be built will change year on year and will always be tied to one of the strategic pillars of the Ibbamo Foundation. This year the focus is on education, therefore the facilities being built will be libraries.

The Ibbamo Foundation will facilitate and lead the initiative to build 100 libraries across all nine provinces in 2012. The launch of the programme will be on 16 June 2012-13, where the first of the 100 libraries will be built in one day in Gauteng.

Strategic Pillar

Academic Excellence and Social Responsibility