A National Education Forum focused on finding a solution as to how to improve the quality of public education in South Africa.
The forum is to create a platform where all stakeholders who are interested in quality public education for our young people can talk around finding a workable solution on the education crisis in the country.

The forum is intended to build the level of academic and leadership excellence that will inspire and motivate young people to excel and change their life story.


The purpose of the programme is to provide funding solutions to education-related problems with an express interest in providing a blueprint that will capacitate educators, NGOs and the corporate fraternity in improving the material conditions of schools and education for young South Africans and educators.


The intention of the programme is to create a platform where the challenges affecting young people in schools are identified and a solution is found to mitigate these challenges. This forum is aimed at stakeholders within the education, social development, NGO and private sectors.

In partnership with the Department of Education, Ibbamo will lead and facilitate the national forum. The forum will take place over two days and will be facilitated and led by industry leaders.

Possible forum topics could centre around:

  • The extended school-day and its benefits.
  • Leadership and Skills Development Programmes within the curriculum.
  • How to produce Ibbamo graduates and create Ibbamo Schools.
  • What is the go-to market strategy and how will corporate South Africa assist in making the programmes sustainable?
  • How to incentives teachers and involve parents.
  • What is the solution and how do I implement it?v

The intention is to provide a blueprint as to what an ‘A+’ school looks like, what the success factors are, who the key role players are and how all these elements interact with each other to create the desired environment and results.

Strategic Pillar

Academic excellence and Leadership.