A three-day leadership and skills development Summer and Winter Schools Programme.

The National Summer and Winter Schools Programme is intended as a one-week leadership and skills development course which will take place during the June and December School holidays. In 2012, we will plan for a three-day December Summer Schools Programme that will increase to a full week in the 2013

The Winter Programme will take place in June 2013.


The purpose of the programme is to provide the learners with an intensive integrated approach to leadership and developing ‘built-to-last’-type skills. The Ibbamo Strategic Pillars will be applicable here.

The schools programme is targeted at school-going children between grades 8-10.


The programme will be both motivational and practical with predetermined class-like breakaway sessions that deal with academic solutions, problem solving, experiments and case-study work. The intention is to have at least six provinces in the November-December 2012 programme.

An integrated marketing and communication campaign will be implemented around this conference. All digital and traditional marketing channels will be considered for greater mileage. Key topics will be centred on:

  • Leadership: How to be an effective leader.
  • The importance of academic excellence.
  • What is the new African story and how can I contribute to it? How do I become an African ambassador?
  • Social advocacy and service.
  • How to change your life story.

The I DREAM social network platform will be a significant PR and media driver. It will become a communication hub for Ibbamo, its programmes, students and mentors.

Strategic Pillar

Education, Social responsibility, Entrepreneurship and Leadership