The Ibbamo Leadership and Skills Development Programme will continue to build on the progress we have made in the 2010 and 2011 calendar year by working with our strategic partners to provide specific academic and skills development programmes.

The purpose of this programme is to specifically target grade 10-12 students and help them prepare academically for their studies by providing them with tangible and measurable training to pass the exams and excel in the future.

The foundation intends to run two programmes a quarter (eight programmes a year).


The purpose of the programme is to provide the learners with an intensive integrated approach to leadership and developing ‘built-to-last’-type skills. The Ibbamo Strategic Pillars will be applicable here.

The schools programme is targeted at school-going children between grades 8-10.

This programme will be heavily supported by our Ibbamo ambassadors and mentors and will take place over three days.


The Ibbamo Leadership and Skills Development Programme is a signature Ibbamo-led and -influenced programme that offers young grade 10-12 learners with academic- specific support coupled with leadership and skills development training. The primary objective is to improve their academic performance and enhance their study skills with the view to obtaining excellent results in.

Four Core Pillars

Education, Social responsibility, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.