Objective 01

Our objective is to increase access to education and career development opportunities for historically disadvantaged young learners aged between 14 and 18 years.

Objective 02

Our objective is to provide young learners with a consolidated view of all the information and exposure to varying educational, economic, social and entrepreneurial opportunities available to them. We expose young people to the various careers available to them and encourage them to explore non- traditional options.

Objective 03

Our objective is to create initiatives that will engender civic awareness among young learners.

Our intention is to inform young learners about the importance of subject selection and illustrate how their choices impact on their future career prospects.
The intended outcome is to ensure that young learners have made informed subject choices that are aligned with their skill sets and chosen careers.
We intend that all the learners who participate in our programmes over a period of two years strive to achieve 100% pass rate in all their selected subjects in matric.

Our intention is to broaden the scope of knowledge related to education and career- related opportunities after high school. We intent to provide a ‘toolkit’ that will assist young people to access opportunities and understand the success criteria well in advance.
The intention is to ensure that young learners are informed about the strategic and professional opportunities available to them. Additionally, we would like to direct young people to participate in industries that are regarded as having a shortage of skills.
The intention is to ensure that at least 70% of our young learners select subjects that are related to strategic industries, namely:
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
We intend to encourage our young people to participate in community development work within their communities.
We want young leaders to recognise their leadership responsibility in building the kind of future that they can be proud of.
All the young people on our programmes will either initiate or participate in an existing or established social development programme in their communities.


Foundation Target Market and Mandate

The Leaders of Tommorow, Need us Today

The Ibbamo Foundation empowers school-going young people between the ages of 14 and 18 years through its leadership development programmes so that they may become active agents of change within their communities.

The foundation further seeks to emphasise the building of a strong self and African identity within the young people who will be taking part in its programmes. The Ibbamo Foundation understands that true transformation in the lives of young people needs to be internally driven and led. It seeks to encourage young people to tap into their great potential while improving upon their current circumstance as well as developing the communities they live in.

The Ibbamo Foundation urges entities sharing in its vision to become key sponsors of the foundation and partner with us as we educate and transform the lives of our youth.

The Ibbamo Foundation objectives are directly linked to our four strategic pillars. We create an environment where academic excellence is the accepted standard. We promote leadership, foster social responsibility and awareness as well as entrench entrepreneurship.

Objective 04

Our objective is to significantly increase job creation in South Africa through education as a tool for empowerment.

Objective 05

Our objective is to strategically link with other initiatives to leverage capacity off all stakeholders to meet the goals for broad-based economic empowerment.

Objective 06

Our objective is to develop the next generation of socially responsible leaders.

We intend to increase job creation by providing young learners with the relevant educational tools to assist them in making the correct education and career decisions in the future.
Young learners on our programmes will have a clear directive in terms of which industries they want to work as well as how to achieve the necessary criteria to access opportunities.
We aim to ensure that 60% of the learners that have gone through a full two years of our programmes and have either advanced to further education and training will be suitably skilled and employable.

We intend to support successful and like- minded programmes and maintain robust stakeholder relationships in order to focus on funding and direct change.
We want to create a credible database and support network of great initiatives and enable funders to more readily support programmes that are creating significant change.
We aim to develop a credible database of education-related programmes that target high-school learners. This database will map programmes, spend and impact on South Africa. We intend that the database be fully functional by 2014.
We intend to ensure that all young learners understand and appreciate the benefits of education and social activism within their communities.
All young learners must be ambassadors for education and social change in South Africa. They must lead the change that they want to experience.
The Ibbamo “I DREAM” social network and Winter and Summer Schools Programme will be regarded as the “axis” points for change. The initiatives will ensure 100% pass rate of all matriculants who engage with the programme and platform.

The Leaders of Tommorow, Need us Today

We believe in challenging our young people to create the reality that they deserve.
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